If you wish to play a YouTube video with out the YouTube page showing follow this steps

  1. Open the YouTube video you would like to play in a web browser.
  2. at the bottom of the video window, next to the thumbs up and down, you will see a share option. Click on it.
  3. a dialogue will open click  the Embed Icon.
  4. a new dialogue will open and on the right there will be a pane with the text starting with "<iframe......." follow this text till you see "src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/......"
    Select the text starting with https al the way up to the double quotation mark and copy using [CTRL]+[C] or right clicking with the mouse and selecting copy. (You can now temporarily paste this in a notepad or word document to save it)
  5. See the video below for an example. In this case the link is 


  6. Now that we have the video's embedded URL we can go to MagicInfo's Web Author and select a Web Widget to insert the video into as shown below

  7. Select the new frame and click on the pencil icon on the menu bar. A text box will open requesting a URL

  8. In this text box enter URL you obtained in step 4.
    In this sample it will be https://www.youtube.com/embed/z8zyrcZi68Y
  9. now copy this text 


    and paste it into the text box appending it to the previous URL.

    it should read 


    This extra information added to the URL will cause the video to start playing and looping endlessly.

    Click the Save button at the end of the text box
  10. Next to the pencil is a clock Icon. Click on on it.

    Here you must set the refresh time to be either the same as the duration of the video or set it to a much longer time like a couple of hours.

    By default it is set to one minute if you do not change this and the video is let's say 3 minutes long it will only play the first minute of the video, then refresh and this will cause it to start from the start again, only ever showing the first minute of the video.
  11. Now save the changes in Web Author and schedule the new frame as usual.


Note that the YouTube video selected must be allowed to be Embed. This is normally an option set when the video is uploaded or if it was live cast when the session was setup. You will get the following message if the video does not allow to be embedded 

There is a full video available by a MagicInfo showing the above steps plus also talks about embedding play list of multiple video.