If you find the recorded audio sound quality needs to be improved, we should check that you are recording at an acceptable quality level.

Background Information

The higher the quality of the recorded audio the more hard drive space it will use and the longer it will take to transfer over the internet. The smaller we make the file the lower will be the quality of the audio due to compression and it will loose definition and clarity. So it's best to find a happy medium.

Also different codecs (the software that translates sound to 1s and 0s) will effect the size and quality.

We only recommend the use of the Speex codec at a minimum setting of 27.8 kBit/s, 16.0 kHz, Mono, for audio recordings that can be used for transcription purposes.

To check and set the correct setting on Liberty Meeting Recorder (LMR) follow this steps

  1.  Open Liberty Meeting Recorder
  2. Select View / Options from the menu

  3. In the options dialogue select "Recording" on the left hand side tree.
  4. Click on the "Change" Button in the "Sound quality" section. A dialogue will open.
  5. In the "Sound Selection" dialogue, go to the "Format" dropdown and select the Speex codec.
  6. In the "Attributes" dropdown  select 27.8 kBit/s, 16.0 kHz, Mono, Q8. (you can select a higher rate if required)
  7. Click on "OK" and the "OK" or "Apply" in the Options dialogue

We recommend doing a test recording after making this changes to ensure it had the desired effect of improving the recorded audio quality. 

Tip: When doing a recording test to check quality we recommend to test for 2 to 5 minutes of normal conversation at different speech sound levels to ensure it is not affected by dynamic changes in sound level. 

Tip: If you don't know what to say during an audio test, read from a past agenda or minutes or maybe read out loud from your favourite website of your phone, while in front of the microphone

Should you still not feel comfortable with the audio quality please contact Redfish Support or log a ticket and we shall assist you further.